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Dampier remarks that Rosemary Island is 2 hundred and thirty-two miles east on the meridian of Shark's Bay; this, applied to the longitude of that spot, will make it in 117 degrees 12 minutes, and that is only 35 minutes east of my Courtenay Head.

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The edges of the cavern experienced a stalagmitical overall look nevertheless the recess was so darkish that we couldn't ascertain either its formation or extent; it didn't nevertheless appear to be more than twelve or fourteen yards deep. On initially getting into it we ended up practically overpowered by a robust sulphureous odor which was before long accounted for through the flight of an incredible variety of little bats which had been roosting in the bottom of your cave and had been disturbed by our method. We attempted to grope our approach to the bottom, but, not possessing a mild, have been before long obliged to surrender its further evaluation. The island is linked to the cape by a slender ridge of rocks which the spring-tides may perhaps possibly deal with. The primary corresponds Together with the island in character and common conformation, currently being really barren and rocky, and of the same description of sandstone, the strata of which look approximately horizontal; the greatest deviation from that position not getting over an inclination of five levels for the south-east. On our return we landed at Caper Point near The underside on the bay; where, on getting some bearings, a substantial regional magnetic attraction was detected, for that needle of the theodolite was approximately 8 degrees in mistake. Whilst I was Hence employed Mr. Cunningham, who was my companion on this excursion, ranged about One of the shrubs in the vicinity and was lucky in finding the fruit of a tree that was initially observed by us at Cambridge Gulf, and experienced for a while puzzled us from its huge sizing and peculiar overall look. It proved for being a tree of your normal purchase Capparides, and was regarded as a capparis; the gouty routine on the stem, which was smooth and spongy, gave it an physical appearance of illness: but as the many specimens, through the youngest plant to the entire-developed tree, possessed the exact same deformed physical appearance, it was evidently the peculiarity of its habit. The stem of the most important of these trees measured 20-9 feet in girth while its peak didn't exceed 20-five toes. "It had been at this time inside the earliest phases of foliation, the extremities with the naked branches showing up inexperienced; and one bud that was opened exhibited the character of Folium quinatum."* A single of such trees has been released during the watch of the encampment at Careening Bay. It bore some resemblance on the adansonia figured inside the account of Captain Tuckey's expedition towards the Congo. (*Footnote. Cunningham manuscripts.)

1818. June five. As soon as we anchored, I waited upon Mr. Hazaart, the Dutch Resident, who obtained me politely, and proffered his personalized help in expediting the objects which we had in perspective. A residence was available for my use, but as I purposed to make my go to as shorter as you can, it had been declined. June five to 13. The main item was to start our watering, nevertheless the Procedure was cumbersome, and attended with Considerably hold off, as it was needed to send the casks above the second bridge which crosses the river in the upper close of your town at about half a mile from the doorway; once we experienced first to await small tide, before the drinking water was refreshing adequate for use; after which for 50 percent flood, prior to the boat could get out with the river to go on board together with her load. A single turn, therefore, was about could be created throughout the day, for it had been requisite to utilize this precaution in filling our casks, in an effort to assure their contents currently being untainted through the salt water. Our gasoline were finished at Port Hurd or we might have procured an abundance in a hassle-free position about two miles into the westward of the Fort. Our subsequent object was to procure refreshing provisions; but, as there was some problem in getting a continuing supply, Mr. Hazaart kindly offered the ship's firm with two karabows (youthful buffaloes) as well as a sufficiency of veggies to last until eventually our very own stock was provided; but in procuring it we located Considerably issues for want of money, and will not have already been capable to have furnished ourselves with it experienced not Mr. Hazaart, at his have particular inconvenience, given me money for A personal bill, with which the ship's provisions ended up ordered. A little mountain sheep weighing from twelve to twenty pounds Price 5 shillings: pigs, In keeping with their dimensions, from 5 to ten shillings Just about every: a karabow, weighing two hundred pounds, was billed twenty shillings; and fowls have been from 4-pence to five-pence Just about every.

Mais n'aiant place de feu pour les faire cuire, l'utilization continuel qu'ils en firent, commenca de les incommoder, et ils sentirent bien que ce foible remede ne les empecheroit pas de mourir dans peu de tems.

One of the varieties of seeds which have been gathered at this river were being the subsequent: Grevillea gibbosa; a species of leea; a cassia; a species of dalea, outstanding for its easy foliage; two species of melaleuca, one particular bearing a white, one other a crimson flower; an acacia; two species of your normal purchase convolvolaceae, particularly, Ipomoea sp. and Ipomoea gracilis; and a species on the organic buy leguminosae allied to galega; Erythrina indica or maybe the coral-tree; many species of eucalyptus; a xanthorrhoea; and a fantastic amount of other curious plants that will appear whenever the catalogue of Mr. Cunningham's considerable botanical selection is printed. July 11. To the 11th at daybreak it absolutely was intended that we should always depart the river, even so the temperature remaining extremely thick and foggy without wind, we were being compelled to remain.

Since the drinking water was very smooth, this small hold off occasioned no harm, and by twelve o'clock she was secured to your shore, within just 10 toes of a steep Seashore over the south facet of the entrance; in all chance the very same spot that Captain Cook landed his outlets upon forty-nine several years in the past.

Pour cet efet on se divisa en plusieurs troupes, et l'on ne reussit pas mieux que la premiere fois. On eut beau crier, apeller, tirer des coups de mousquet, tout fut inutile, et je n'ai pas seu qu'on ait jamais apris ce qu'etoient devenus ces gens-la.

1819. February fifteen to Could 7. In between the period of my return within the Derwent and the next week of March we were prevented from creating any planning for our 2nd voyage into the North Coastline by an uncommon continuance of the major rains incident to that time; which brought on a few floods over the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers and did substantial damage to the ripening crops. This unfavourable temperature go so retarded our machines that it had been the center of April prior to we have been Prepared for sea; and then time we skilled further more detention from not having the ability to full our crew. May well 8. But at length we sailed from Port Jackson about the 8th of Might. As it was my intention to take the northerly passage by Torres Strait, I proposed, in my way up the East Coast, to examine Port Macquarie; and, if you want that his Excellency the Governor may very well be knowledgeable of the result of our proceedings as soon as possible, Lieutenant Oxley, R.

Of greens we uncovered an abundance, significantly of pumpions and cabbages, out there; but, mainly because it wasn't the period for fruit, we only procured some shaddocks, a handful of terrible oranges, and some indifferent limes. For the Chinese shops we procured rice, sugar-candy and low, but all these articles have been expensive, and of quite inferior quality: this offer was, even so, incredibly suitable to us; and, had we not afterwards learned that almost everything might have been procured at 50 % the price, we ought to have been perfectly content with our bargains. A fleet of Malay proas ended up lying at anchor during the bay, and two tiny investing vessels were being from the river, among which was going through a find here fix that was very creditable into the shipwrights of this area. The one exports which the island creates are bees-wax, honey and sandal-Wooden; these are typically bought and exported through the Chinese merchants, that are plentifully distributed over the city, and form the higher proportion of its inhabitants.* Its imports are certainly trifling, to the Batavian governing administration per year provides the establishment of Coepang with all its desires. The port-rates of twenty pounds For each one particular hundred tons burden are so exorbitant that no merchant vessels that have not some specific object in check out, will take a look at this place; in order that it's little or no conversation with other parts, excepting throughout the Chinese traders, who are constantly in motion. Actually it can be, to utilize the Resident's very own text in describing it to me, "a very poor position," and it seems to be the coverage of your Dutch authorities to keep it so, for no vessel is allowed to trade with Coepang with out getting first frequented either Batavia or Amboyna, for the goal of procuring authorization. (*Footnote. M. Arago, in his account of Captain de Freycinet's late voyage spherical the globe, estimates the inhabitants of Coepang at 1500, of which 1000 are slaves, and three hundred Chinese.)

Dans ce dessein on alla faire de l'eau. Ceux qui furent a une petite riviere qu'on avoit vue, au-lieu de se hater, se promenerent, et coururent en divers endroits.

From your pervading sense of vulnerability bordering Ebola to your visibility into acts of crime or misconduct that ignited important discussions about race, gender, and violence, different senses of publicity were being out within the open up this calendar year.

Over the north Coastline we observed some deep bays and great ports, and at The underside of The nice bay of Van Diemen we learned various rivers, amongst which we ascended for forty miles. The thickly-wooded shores with the north coast bore a hanging distinction towards the sandy desert-searching tract of coast we had Earlier noticed, and motivated us Using the hope of getting, at a future time, a nonetheless bigger improvement within the place amongst The 2 extremes. Mr. Cunningham made an exceptionally precious and extensive collection of dried vegetation and seeds; but, with the compact dimensions of our vessel, along with the regular profession of myself and The 2 midshipmen who accompanied me, we had neither Area nor time for you to sort another collection of Organic Record than a number of insects, and several specimens of your geology of These sections the place we had landed.

Presently (1818) the worth from the trepang was from forty to fifty dollars a picol;* in order that if Just about every vessel returns with a hundred picols of trepang, her cargo will likely be value 5000 bucks. Apart from trepang, they trade in sharks' fins and birds' nests, the latter being worth about 3000 pounds the picol. (*Footnote. The value in the trepang in 1822 was a lot less; the price experienced fallen to twenty-5 bucks the picol.)

Coepang can also be recognised by its hospitable reception of Lieutenant (the late Admiral) Bligh, after the mutiny on the Bounty's crew; As well as in 1802 it was visited by Captain Flinders and Commodore Baudin: Every single of such navigators have spoken warmly of your hospitality they experienced, and I need to be accomplishing an injustice to Mr. Hazaart if I omitted a thanks acknowledgment of his form focus to our would like, and in the prompt support he afforded us inside our operations. The presence of the fleet of Malay proas inside the roadways has long been prior to talked about; it experienced just returned from an unsuccessful voyage to the south Coastline of Timor looking for trepang. Dramah, the principal rajah of the fleet, gave me the following data respecting the Coastline of New Holland, which he had often visited inside the command of a fleet that every year frequents its shores. The coast is named by them Marega, and is regarded to them for quite some time.

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